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The HECO-TOPIX-plus-T Solar in A2 stainless steel ensures a long-lasting and economical mounting of solar brackets on over-rafter-insulated roofs. The HECO-TOPIX-plus-T Solar features two patented wood threads with the same pitch. They guarantee a fixation at defined intervals, where the secondary thread fixes the counter batten and all the loads are transmitted via the thread directly into the rafters. The HECO-TOPIX-plus-T Solar screw is quick and easy to use without predrilling thanks to the patented "TOPIX" tip. The tip also prevents any risk of the counter batten splitting; meaning installation is quick and clean. With the screws flange haed, the roof hook or solar system fitting can be screwed flush and securely to the wood to form a connection that lasts.

Product strengths

  • For mounting solar brackets on on-rafter insulated roofs
  • Secondary thread fixes the counter batten
  • Flange head for optimal fixing of the fitting on wood
  • HECO-TOPIX tip does away with the need for pre-drilling, reduces the risk of the wood splitting and enables narrow edge and centre distances.
  • Stainless steel A2, material no, 1,4567
  • Chromium (VI)-free coating
  • Approved and monitored product

Technical details

GTIN/EAN 4019787619172
Article number 61917
Head form decking screw, raised countersunk head
Recess HECO-Drive
Thread secondary thread
Diameter, d 5,0 mm
Length, l 50 mm
Thread length, lg 25 mm
Thread length, lg2 10 mm
Headdiameter, dk 7,0 mm
Size of recess HD-20
Material stainless steel A4
Surface self-colour, coated

Additional data

SKH approval Yes



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