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Product image
Recess drawing
Dimension drawing


The HECO-UFIX® is a part-threaded screw with a special shaped spade-like drilling point. It has all the properties required for working with medium-density fibreboard: predrilling effect and pinpoint-accurate insertion, reduced splitting and low driving torque. Another advantage is that the HECO-UFIX® MDF screw has a newly developed drive: the HECO-Drive, a perfectly coordinated system between drive in the screw and the special HD bit. The screws stick-fit into the bit and do not wobble. This allows for one-handed operation without any problems and exact screw guidance. However, the screw is also compatible with any standard T-Drive bit.

Product strengths

  • Possible to work close to the edge and axis
  • Screw connections possible at the end faces without predrilling
  • Enlargement of insertion hole due to ribs on the point of the screw; thus reducing the splitting and bulging of the MDF
  • Exact, non-slip positioning on the surface of the material
  • Perfectly coordinated HECO-Drive and drive with stick-fit effect; the bit holds the screw securely without wobbling.
  • Only one size of recess for the whole product range

Technical details

GTIN/EAN 4019787479783
Article number 47978
Head form MDF screw, countersunk head with milling grooves
Recess HECO-Drive
Thread partial thread
Diameter, d 4,0 mm
Length, l 45 mm
Thread length, lg 30 mm
Headdiameter, dk 7,4 mm
Size of recess HD-20
Material carbon steel
Surface bright zinc plated, A2K, coated


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