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Product image
Dimension drawing
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The HECO-UNIX is a patented full-threaded screw with contraction effect. It features a special thread with a variable thread pitch, thus combining the features of a part-threaded with the advantages of a full-threaded screw. The thread pitch decreases steadily in the centre section and is smaller in the rear section than at the tip of the screw. Accordingly, the screw pulls the boards and timber components to be secured together as it is driven in, leaving no gaps, whilst simultaneously fixing the components via the thread. This allows a higher tensile load in terms of head pull-through resistance in fixture thicknesses > 4xd1, reduces the number of required mounting points and increases security. The ETA-certified screw has a wide variety of applications and is suitable for both timber construction and furniture manufacturing. The version with the "plus" tip allows fast working. It enables fast positioning and starting, particularly on hard surfaces.

Product strengths

  • No damage to the fitting surface
  • Improved milling features in wood due to undercut milling grooves
  • The HECO-UNIX thread permits full and partial thread applications. This allows a reduction of the product range
  • Variable thread contracts the components enabling gapless connection (even hard materials)
  • Fixing the wood components via the thread
  • Higher loads are achievable as the head does not get pulled through the fixture if the fixture thickness is > 4 x d1
  • Perfect fit in 90° countersinkings due to countersunk head

Technical details

GTIN/EAN 4019787459631
Article number 45963
Size of recess PZD-3
Thread length, lg 80 mm
Headdiameter, dk 11,7 mm
Diameter, d 6,0 mm
Length, l 130 mm
Head form countersunk head with milling grooves
Recess Pozi-Drive
Thread part threaded
Material carbon steel
Surface bright zinc plated, A2K, coated

Additional data

European technical assessment ETA-11/0452
SKH approval Yes


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