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Dimension drawing
Recess drawing
Product image
Dimension drawing
Recess drawing


Thanks to the revolutionary SMARTBITE wood drill tip, the WT system is reliable even in difficult mounting positions. Compared to conventional fasteners the design and installation speed is faster and more precise. The low screw-in torque combined with high load capacity of the fastener create a solution for innovative design concepts in timber construction.The galvanized surfaces (blue zinc) have a thickness layer of 8?m which meets the requirements for minimum layer thicknesses (see EN14592). The unique thread geometry ensures a contraction of the components and the very small edge and spacing distances provide efficient constructions for your projects.

Product strengths

  • Very high load transfer
  • Fast installation
  • Contracting effect
  • Low edge and spacing distances
  • Reduced risk of wood-splitting
  • Small cylindrical head: for a simple and visually appealing installation without splitting

Technical details

GTIN/EAN 4019787506625
Article number 50662
Head form cylindric countersunk head
Recess T-Drive
Thread secondary thread
Diameter, d 6,5 mm
Length, l 90 mm
Thread length, lg 41 mm
Thread length, lg2 39 mm
Headdiameter, dk 8,0 mm
Size of recess T-30
Surface W15
Material stainless steel A2

Additional data

European technical assessment ETA-12/0063
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